Incap Electronics Oy, the contract manufacturer of electronics in the Incap Group, has continued to expand and has now responded to the challenges of the international market by investing in new production facilities at Vuokatti, where the extension to its factory was officially opened on 10th November 1998.

Production at Incap Electronics takes place in two factories, one specialized in electronics components and the other in mechanical components. The extension now completed at the Vuokatti works, which is responsible for the mounting of component boards, assembly, testing and material purchases, will increase the size of the production premises there by almost a third, to 5700 m². The turnkey manufacturing, involving combinations of the products of the two branches, has increased greatly in recent times as customers have outsourced their own production process to subcontractors. An extension to the factory in Helsinki responsible for mechanical components was taken into use early in the summer.

Incap Electronics recorded net sales of FIM 144.8 million for the period January-September 1998, one fourth up on the corresponding period last year, yielding a profit of FIM 16.3 million, or 11 per cent of net sales. The company employs about 400 persons, of whom 270 are located at the Vuokatti works.