The Incap Group will issue quarterly reports on its financial development during 1999. The Balance Sheet for 1998 will be published on Tuesday 16.2.1999 and the Annual Report for that year in week 12. An Interim Report for January-March will be issued on Tuesday 4.5.1999, that for January-June on Wednesday 11.8.1999 and that for January-September on Wednesday 3.11.1999.

The Annual General Meeting will be held in Oulu on Wednesday 7.4.1999.

All Group’s financial press releases will be published in both Finnish and English, and they will also be available on the Group’s Web page, address:

The Incap Group are contract manufacturers of electronics and furniture, with net sales of FIM 295.4 million in January-September 1998 (compared with FIM 211.3 million in the same period in 1997). This represented an operating profit of FIM 18.9 (22.2) million, or more than 6 per cent of net sales. Profit before extraordinary items, untaxed reserves and taxes amounted to FIM 16.9 (19.8) million, and profit for the period to FIM 12.2 (14.5) million.

Oulu, 18th December 1998


Paula Kähkönen

Communications Officer