Incap Group is a contract manufacturer of electronics and furniture. Incap Electronics Ltd., which constitutes the electronics branch of the Group, was awarded the ISO 9002 quality and ISO 14001 environmental certificates after an audit by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. The systems thus certified are modifications of the company’s previous quality and environmental systems, and they will be applied in both the Vuokatti and the Helsinki production units.

Incap Electronics will continue to develop its operations on the basis of the ISO standards, aiming at top performance on both the Finnish and the international market. The production units use modern high-standard techniques and aim to minimise detrimental environmental impacts with the best available technologies. The operations are environmentally efficient, inexpensive and feasible in practice. Both the products and the modes of production are internationally competitive in view of quality and environmental characteristics.

The net sales of Incap Electronics grew up to 192.6 million FIM in 1998, being nearly 15 percent higher than in the previous year. The company’s operating profit grew up to 18.8 million FIM, accounting for almost 10 percent of net sales. Incap Electronics produces electronic devices and components for point-of-sale terminals, meteorological instruments, telecommunication and industrial automation systems as well as slot machines, security gates, remote readers and medical instruments. Its customers operate on the international market in the fields of telecommunication, information technology, medical electronics, process automation and security electronics.

Incap Electronics has two production units, of which the Vuokatti Works specialises in electronics and the Helsinki Works in mechanical production. The share of turnkey manufacturing, i.e. the production of customised assemblies of electronic and mechanical components, continues to increase, as the customers increasingly outsource parts of their own production with contract manufacturers.

Incap Electronics is part of Incap Group, whose parent company is Incap Corporation, which is listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange. The Group has two subsidiaries: Incap Electronics Ltd. and Incap Furniture Oy. The net sales of Incap Group in 1998 were 398.1 million FIM, of which the share of Incap Electronics was 48.4 percent. The Group employs about 670 persons, of whom about 400 work for Incap Electronics.