Now that the exchange of shares for the merger of Incap Corporation and JMC Tools Oy has been accomplished and the increase of share capital has been entered in trade register, the following changes have taken place in the ownership of Incap Corporation:

The proportion of Finnvera plc out of the voting rights and share capital of Incap Corporation has dropped below 15%, the proportion of Conventum Ltd has dropped below 10% and the proportion of If P&C Insurance Company Ltd has dropped below 5 %, the proportion of Kalevi Laurila and JMC Finance Oy under his control has exceeded 15%, the proportion of Jorma Terentjeff has exceeded 10%, the proportions of Teknoventure Oy and the funds of Eqvitec Partners Ltd have exceeded 5% of the share capital and total number of shares of Incap Corporation.

1. Name of target company: Incap Corporation, business code 0608849-6

2. Date when ownership changed: 24 April 2002

3. Proportion out of Incap Corporation’s voting rights and share capital

Finnvera plc: 1,732,500 shares, 14.22% of votes and share capital;
Conventum Ltd: 658,100 shares, 5.40% of votes and share capital;
If P&C Insurance Company Ltd: 245,153 shares, 2.01% of votes and share capital;
JMC Finance Oy: 1,893,296 shares, 15.54% of votes and share capital;
Kalevi Laurila: 78,560 shares, 0.64% of votes and share capital;
Jorma Terentjeff: 1,466,204 shares, 12.04% of votes and share capital;
Teknoventure Oy: 883,485 shares, 7.25% of votes and share capital;
Eqvitec Partners Ltd: 736,264 shares, 6.04% of votes and share capital

4. Shareholder’s full name and business code

Finnvera plc, business code 1484332-4;
Conventum Oyj, business code 1519290-6;
If P&C Insurance Company Ltd, business code 1614120-3;
JMC Finance Oy, business code 1451663-0;
Kalevi Henrik Laurila;
Teknoventure Oy, business code 0964204-2;
Jorma Kalevi Terentjeff;
Eqvitec Partners Ltd, business code 1451663-0.

Espoo, 24 April 2002


Rauni Nokela
Vice President for Finance and Administration

Helsinki Exchanges
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