Stock Exchange Release
30 September 2003, 1 p.m.

Incap will change its organizational structure, as of 1 November 2003, to enhance and streamline its operations. The aim of the reorganization is to improve customer service, to streamline the operating practices of the different production units, to shift operational focus to the manufacturing of large entities and integrated deliveries as well as to improve the efficiency of materials management, which is essential for profitability.
Marketing, sales and care of customer relations will be organized in a single entity headed by Petri Saari (34), who now is responsible for the sales of Incap.
The production and development of all manufacturing services of Incap will be grouped together into a Manufacturing Services Unit under the leadership of Timo Sonninen (36). He is today in charge of the Electronics and Mechanics Operations.
All material functions will be combined into a new Materials Management Unit, with Ari Turunen (36)being appointed to the head of the unit. He will come to Incap from REMEC Oy (previously Solitra Oy and ADC Telecommunications Oy), where he served as director responsible for supply chain management in Europe and Asia.
According to Juhani Hanninen, President and CEO of Incap, the new streamlined organizational structure helps to focus resources on the essential. “Instead of single production units or business lines, we operate as a compact, integrated entity, offering our customers even better comprehensive services. The development of materials management aims at improved profitability and stronger competitive edge”, says Juhani Hanninen.
Incap Corporation’s new management team will consist of the following persons:
Juhani Hanninen, President and CEO (chair of the management team)
Hannele Pöllä, Communications and Investor Relations
Petri Saari, Sales and Marketing
Timo Sonninen, Manufacturing Services
Ari Turunen, Materials Management
Tuula Ylimäki, Finance and Administration
Juhani Hanninen
President & CEO
Helsinki Exchanges
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Further information:
Juhani Hanninen, President & CEO, tel. +358 50 556 7199
Hannele Pöllä, Director, Communications and IR, tel. +358 40 5048 296