Last autumn, Incap delivered the first pilot products manufactured using the lead-free manufacturing process at the Vuokatti plant, and one of the plant’s manufacturing lines was set to become completely lead-free by the end of the year.
An EU directive bans the use of lead in new electrical and electronics products as of July 2006. The so-called RoHS directive will widely affect the manufacture of components and circuit boards and also stipulates modifications to the manufacture and assembly of electronics products.
Incap has begun preparations for complying with the directive well in advance, as the entire Group will adopt the lead-free process in electronics manufacture in 2005. The stipulation for lead-free products will affect the surface mounted devices, soldering and selection of the components of circuit boards. In lead-free manufacturing the melting point of the soldering material is higher, so the process temperature must be raised. However, the maximum temperatures for components must not be raised excessively, and therefore the so-called process window, in which the soldering takes place, will shrink significantly. It is extremely important to manage the temperature differences formed on the component board during the soldering stage.
Incap’s Vuokatti plant has participated in several research projects which have studied and tested various soldering methods, soldering materials and fluxes suitable for the lead-free process.
The stipulation for lead-free manufacture must be taken into account in materials management as well, as the current materials containing lead must be phased out in a controlled manner before the transition can be made to the completely lead-free process. Substitute materials will be sought in cooperation with the customers to replace components containing lead.
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