Incap and ABB Oy’s Electrical Machines unit have entered into a new five-year co-operation agreement on the delivery of pole core components that are used in synchronous machines. The components are manufactured at Incap’s Vaasa unit, which supplies all the pole cores that ABB Oy requires for its synchronous machines. Synchronous machines are used as motors in the metal industry, as propeller motors and generators for ships and as generators in diesel power plants.
The agreement now concluded is a continuation of the purchase agreement signed in 2000 whereby ABB outsourced the manufacture of pole core components to Incap.
“ABB is a major strategic customer for us, and we’re very satisfied that our smooth co-operation in pole core components is continuing. The present agreement is a substantial one for Incap, not only in monetary amount but also because of its long duration,” says Juhani Hanninen, Incap’s president & CEO.
Demand for synchronous machines varies in step with capital investment cycles. “At present, our order book is at just as high a level as during the previous cyclical peak in 2001, and the market outlook remains positive,” says Kimmo Virta, vice president of ABB Oy’s Synchronous Machines profit centre.
Hannele Pöllä
Director, Communications and Investor Relations