Incap Corporation and FINN-POWER Oy have signed a purchase contract, according to which FINN-POWER is to deliver to Incap’s Helsinki unit a Night Train FMS®  flexible manufacturing system. The machinery to be delivered includes a punching/right angle shearing cell with automated material handling and central storage. The punching/laser cutting cell commissioned to Incap by FINN-POWER a year ago will be integrated with the new automatic manufacturing system.
The acquired equipment is part of Incap’s investment plan targeted to enhance the company’s competitive edge. The FMS manufacturing system representing the newest in technology will increase the efficiency of Incap’s sheet metal mechanics manufacturing and is a remarkable investment for the company. The Helsinki unit manufactures sheet metal parts and box-build products for meteorological equipment, metal detectors, amusement machines, weighing appliances, X-ray machines and other health care equipment.
The new manufacturing system will be delivered in July 2006 and it is set to be in use in August.
The Night Train FMS®  technology is used also in Incap’s Vaasa unit.